Want To Sell Your Domain?

How much is my domain name worth?  I never really thought about it until today.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I thought about it 3 years ago when I purchased davidoakley.com. 

I’m almost embarrassed to say, but I paid a lot for it.  Ego will make you do some crazy things.  But I guess it’s not that crazy because I was starting a blog and since my name was, and still is David Oakley, I wanted David Oakley to be the URL.

URL is such a strange name.  Isn’t that the noise that you say to the toilet after you drink eight tequila shots?  I promise I wasn’t drinking when I forked over $190 to buy davidoakley.com.  Yes, I paid $190 for my URL. 

I guess I was kind of flattered that someone was squatting on my name.  It made me feel kind of important.  Hey, how cool is this, I said to myself, I’m a semi-famous ad guy, at least here in Charlotte, so $190 for a website of this stature is a steal.  I paid through paypal and voila, I was the proud owner of myname.com.

OK, I just looked up myname.com on Go Daddy and that URL is at auction for $10,000.  Wow.  Now I really feel like I got a bargain.  I own davidoakley.com and that’s my name.  It’s really my name. 

Which brings me to why I’m even writing this drivel in the first place.  I got an e-mail yesterday that said in the subject line, “Want to sell your domain?”  I opened it and all it said was “Want to sell me davidoakley.com???” 

Wow.  There’s another David Oakley out there who also thinks a lot of himself.  Cool.  So what did I do?  Did I immediately write him back?  Of course not.  I immediately went to Go Daddy and purchased oakleydavid.com.  Got that one for $28.34.  Oh yeah, score!  I figured that when I sold davidoakley.com to this other David Oakley, I would just switch my blog to oakleydavid.com.  Smart, eh?

Then I replied to the other David Oakley and said, “Make me an offer.”

Since you’re still reading my blog on davidoakley.com, you can surmise that the other David Oakley hasn’t written me back. 

If on the slight chance that I do get a reply, how much do you think I should charge him for the site?   


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The domain name market is a tricky one. Its the best example of supply and demand since a website is only worth what someone is able and willing to pay for it. Since the most expensive domain sold for $13 million, I like to think that mine might be worth something one day. As the web grows at an exponential rate, web real-estate will only become more valuable. For this reason, I am very hesitate to let go of any domains that I have purchased over the years, hoping that one day that investment will pay off. I will probably never see that $13m payoff but, a few thousand wouldn't hurt.

If your looking for a number, $10,000 seems like a lofty goal but, $1,000 is probably a more realistic number. Here's a nifty domain valuation calculator that will at least put you in the right ballpark http://domainvalue.congland.com .

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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I agree with you about the supply and demand economics of selling a domain name. You can only sell it for what someone is willing to pay.

I excitedly went to the domain valuation calculator that you sent. I hurriedly typed in davidoakley.com and they valued my domain at... drumroll please... $0. LOL Thanks for crushing my dreams.

Oh well, I'm still waiting for the other David Oakley to write back.


Cool. I hope you sell it. I've been collecting domain names for a few years. I have about 12. Among them leaveanimpact.com, bravenewdirections.com, puppiesareassholes.com, etc. But I don't own my name. I think the guy wanted fifty bucks and I said no. Doh!
Depends. What was the domain he wrote from? If it was some variant of daveoakley, daveyoakley, etc. he's probably not wiling to pay a lot. If it was a gmail or (gods forbid) yahoo account, you can hit him up for more. If it's thedavidoakley.com, you should charge $1,000.


(That's a mashup of my wife's last name and mine. Surprisingly, it was available when I registered it in 2000.)


I just looked up your name on http://domainvalue.congland.com and it's valued at $617. Wow.

I've purchased a bunch of domain names over the years too. Most of them are really lame, like kickassorlickass.com. It is also valued at $0.



Thanks for reading the blog and thanks for explaining what the hell mengarelliott.com meant. Hope you are doing well. Please let me know if you are planning a trip to Northside.



Sorry for crushing your dreams! Maybe you should be paying him to take it off your hands... haha. I ran your domain on there and got $896 so it seems there is some discrepancy in its evaluation method. Personally I dont think its worth the effort of going through a domain transfer and moving a blog for less than $1,000. At the end of the day, it has to be worth your time.

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I just heard from the other David Oakley.

He offered me $250 for davidoakley.com

I politely told him that I think that he left a couple of zeros off of his offer.