Old School Super Bowl

Probably for the first time in a very long time, maybe ever, there is no pretender in the final four of the NFL playoffs.   The Pittsburgh Steelers, the New York Jets, the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears all deserve to be there.  Not only on the merits of their play on the field, but on the look of their uniforms.  

Each of these teams is wearing the same uniforms that they were wearing 40 years ago.  These teams have stayed the course and haven’t given in to the whims of fashion over the years.  The result of this commitment to fashion excellence is that they are four of the most recognizable sports brands in the world.     

Oh sure, the Jets got all MC Hammerish in the eighties and wore those horrendous green helmets with JETS on the side.  But someone in New York had the fashion sense (I think it was that guy from Project Runway) to bring them back to the Joe Namath era helmet design.  Good things have been happening to the Jets ever since.

Tradition means everything in the NFL.  Apparently, so does looking good.  Think about it:  All the poser NFL teams got knocked out this weekend.  The Seattle Seahawks.   Please.  Their all grey-green unis are a disgrace.  Thank God we won’t have to see them again until September.  The Atlanta Falcons?  They’re kind of old school, but when they modernized the Falcon on their helmet, they transferred their on-the-field losing tradition to their appearance.  The Baltimore Ravens?  In my eyes they’re still a replacement team for the Colts.  Whoever designed their uniforms is a sick practical joker or colorblind.  Or both.  Black pants?  C’mon.  The New England Patriots have a winning tradition, but they are total fashion losers.  They abandoned their white helmets with the patriot hiking the football and switched to the silver helmets with the “speedy head” on the side in the mid 1990’s.  They’ve been torturing the eyes of America ever since. 

So who do I think will win the Super Bowl in three weeks?  The fans.  Because no matter whether it’s the Jets, Packers, Steelers or Bears that hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy, one thing's for certain:  They’ll look good doing it.    

On February 6th, I’ll just sit back with the rest of America and enjoy the beautiful old school pageantry.  And be very happy that the Tennessee Titans are nowhere to be seen.

2 responses
David -

I say it’s too bad they won’t be playing the game outdoors in NY.

This must be the culmination and reward for my unexpectedly revived interest in the NFL this year. Also, it’s hard to believe that those green JETS helmets lasted for 20 years. Disgusting and sad.

- Brady

I'm just glad the Packers won't be wearing those hideous throw-back uniforms they donned in one of their games this season. There's "old school" and then there's "we had a good reason for changing those colors."