Mike Hughes Hall?

I heard recently that the VCU Brand Center in Richmond named a hall after Mike Hughes, my old boss at The Martin Agency.  I thought it was kind of nice that they did that, but I felt Mike deserved something more.  

Having a hall named after you is OK I guess, but I wondered why didn’t they name a classroom after him?  He’s a fantastic teacher.  Or an auditorium?  He’s a fantastic speaker.  OK… he’s a good speaker.  They could have named the gymnasium after him.  He’s quite a coach.  But they named a hall after him. 

C’mon VCU, a hall?  A hall is something that you walk through on the way to class.  It's a step up from having a broom closet named after you, I suppose.  And it's better than having a rest room named after you.  But not much. 

I was really confused until I saw this picture:  

Apparently in Virginia, a hall is a building.  That’s pretty cool.  Mike helped build both The Martin Agency and The Brand Center into something incredible.  So they named a building after him.  Now it all makes sense.   

Congrats Mike.  What a great honor.  But if it were up to me, it wouldn’t be Mike Hughes Hall.  It would be Virginia Commonwealth Hughesiversity.  

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Smart. In a dumb way. Which I mean in the nicest of ways.
I live about 8 minutes from VCU. I've been here 5 years and have watched the expansion of this campus. I'll have to notice Mike Hughs Hall.....Thanks again for a great little story!
I'm a 2nd year student at VCU Brandcenter and this post made me laugh. I think its more of a VCU thing to call a building a hall; than a Virginia thing. The building dedication was so much fun! David, for future reference, you're always welcome to attend any Brandcenter event.