A Newspaper Ad Goes Viral.

Even if you don’t read the newspaper, you’ve probably seen it.  Ryan Kalil, the all-pro lineman from the Carolina Panthers, purchased a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer today proclaiming that the Carolina Panthers will win Super Bowl.  It’s a bold statement.

As a Panthers fan, I love it.  I love that Ryan has confidence in his teammates and is willing to speak publically about it.  It’s almost Joe Namathesque.  It makes me want to buy season tickets.  It makes Ryan my favorite Panther.

As an advertising guy, I love it too.  I haven’t seen a print ad in the Charlotte Observer that has captured my attention like this in a long time.  But what’s even better is that it’s all over the internet.  It’s trending on twitter.  It’s on facebook.  They’re talking about it on ESPN and on sports radio.  It has gone viral:  A newspaper ad!  

Last week I attended the Hyper Island master class in New York.  It’s an intensive three-day workshop designed to help marketing professionals learn more about the massive change that’s happening in our world.  One of the major lessons of the program was delivered by one of the moderators, Tim Leake.  ( @tim_leake on twitter ) He said that ad agencies should not be about making ads anymore.  We should make social objects.  A social object is something that people share with their friends.

Ryan Kalil created much more than a newspaper ad.  He created a social object.  It just happened to be a newspaper ad.

And by the way, I agree with Ryan's prognostication. Go Panthers.

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I'm a creative strategist in SF who reads your blog like a good book. Unfortunately the book ended in JULY! I thought I'd reach out to tell you I admire your writing as well as the work coming out of BooneOakley. Maybe we can talk about advertising...and your next blog post.



Your post inspired me to start blogging again. It's really lame that I haven't posted anything since July. Thanks so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it.